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As mentioned from inside the Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, Aphrodite has a great many services


Since a child away from Ouranos, Aphrodite is actually a very strong deity, particularly due to the fact – in her own terms – “like can bring possibly the gods to their hips”. Percy just after acknowledged one to Aphrodite’s efforts frightened your more than Ares.

  • Amokinesis: As Deity off Love, Crave, and Sex, Aphrodite provides divine expert and you will natural control over the newest thinking related love and you will notice. The woman is able to arouse like and you may hobbies in others, entrancing one mortal otherwise jesus she desires.. The only real identified deities who’ve at the very least limited disease fighting capability in order to so it could be the about three Virgin Goddesses.
  • Charmspeak: Aphrodite’s sound possess good mesmerizing feeling, effective at impacting the feelings regarding anybody else so you can place him or her within her thrall. This lady charmspeak is much more strong than that their pupils.
  • Personification out of Notice: Aphrodite ‘s the personification of the many attract and satisfaction. This lady has divine power and you can sheer control over craving of achievable, bodily urges, emotional you desire, envious notice, and you can fulfillment of one’s focus. During the Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, she supplied Pandora enticing appeal.
  • Omnipotent Impress: Aphrodite can transform the lady physical appearance becoming the absolute most physically glamorous or intimately attractive system with respect to the people she regarding presence from.
  • Biokinesis: Aphrodite normally shape the human body to give and you can/otherwise improve their charm otherwise make certain they are ugly and you can undesirable. Inside the Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, she offered Pandora amazing charm. The lady stating enhances the good thing about their currently breathtaking demigod pupils and takes away its actual imperfecions, like zits. Because the found in the Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes, Aphrodite can change someone else ugly. She cursed the women regarding Lemnos with an effective stench thus terrible you to none of your males you will definitely might getting within 50 legs of them.
  • Infallible Visual Acuity: Aphrodite owned a level of microscopic-eyes. Regarding the Titan’s Curse she been able to get a hold of problems inside the the lady cosmetics you to Percy decided not to.
  • Bush Conversion process: Aphrodite are able to turn people on some thing connected with herbs. In Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, she switched the latest corpse out-of Adonis to your bloodstream-reddish flowers and you can anemones.
  • Pyrokinesis: As found in Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes, Aphrodite normally create red explosions, which can be malicious enough to instantaneously blast the fresh new threshold out of the woman castle so you can rubble.
  • Virtuakinesis: While the seen in Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes, Aphrodite can make optical illusions. She authored numerous illusions of people in need to attempt to disturb Mind.


Although not, the greatest of all the was this lady girdle, which in fact had the capacity to render any woman which used they amazing into the opposite gender, plus it is actually known as a softer sash embroidered which have moments off courtship, romance, and beautiful anyone undertaking breathtaking things.

Aphrodite’s sacred fruit ‘s the apple (most likely down seriously to Paris’ reasoning towards Apple off Discord). The lady sacred vegetation may be the daffodil, the new myrtle, the fresh new rose, in addition to anemone (the latter a couple of had blossomed regarding the blood out of the girl precious Adonis). Certainly one of the girl sacred flowers ‘s the lettuce. The girl sacred treasure ‘s the pearl, since it originated the sea just like she performed. This lady sacred pet would be the dove, the brand new sparrow, new swan, the fresh new dolphin therefore the hare. More icons would be the reflect additionally the scallop layer.


Aphrodite also has multiple devoted attendants, as well as Eros (this lady man and male counterpart), Hymenaios (the newest god of marriage ceremonies), Ganymede (new goodness out-of gay love and you can interest), the three Charites (just who act as this lady handmaidens), therefore the Erotes – little winged like gods.


Venus try Aphrodite’s Roman element. She’s got youngsters or descendants on Camp Jupiter close Bay area, and additionally Michael Kahale. The fresh new Greeks expected Aphrodite as the a passionate and you can gorgeous getting. The fresh Romans acclaimed Venus since divine ancestress of the society, as the mom from Aeneas, who sailed to help you Italy after the slip of Troy and whose descendants Romulus and Remus indeed built Rome. It should be detailed therefore that Venus attained significance since a beneficial goddess out-of government and you can earn by the Romans, and has now epithets eg Venus Victrix and you will Venus Genetrix in the their positions from Venus, goddess of earn, and you can Venus, mom off Rome, correspondingly.